Tezos is an open source platform aimed at blockchain adoption for assets and applications.

If you don’t know this blockchain yet, have a look at “Tezos : past, present, and future — by Arthur Breitman”

Since 2018, the Tezos Foundation has fueled an ecosystem of developers, users and private businesses, based around the world, who work together to create a digital Commonwealth.

This protocol is based on two principles which characterize it and which make it differentiating:

  • Self-amendment: the protocol can adapt and add functionality thanks to its governance mechanism built into the     blockchain.
  • Proof of stake: an energy efficient consensus algorithm to design eco-friendly blockchain applications

Among these companies, Marigold, founded last year, already has around 20 engineers. Their objective? Make the protocol accessible to different communities of developers.

Marigold is recruiting senior software engineers to work on its existing projects but alsoto take the lead on new projects.


  • Contribute to the improvement  of the protocol and guarantee its security (testing & benchmarking)
  • Carry out the development of a Layer2 on the Tezos blockchain
  • Facilitate contributions to the protocol (documentation, article writing, organization and participation in     meetups…)

As asenior, your role is also to drive the juniors and support their skills development.

As a young company, Marigold needs experienced profiles to structure itself and carry its vision (business to developer).

This position is for you if:

  • You have an experience in functional programming: the protocol is developed in OCaml, but experience in any other language will be acknowledged (Scala, ReasonML, F#, Haskell, Rust, Clojure)
  • You have implemented these skills on actual projects in production
  • You are able to adopt a leadership posture and carry out actions in the community (documentation, articles, meetups, etc.)
  • You contributed to open-source projects

What to expect if you join us?

  • Develop your OCaml skills, particularly on optimization, performance and memory consumption issues
  • Acquire advanced knowledge in the field of blockchains
  • An open-source project
  • A full remote position, open worldwide (best from UTC-4 to UTC+8), with a very flexible work organization
  • Work with multicultural and expert teams
  • Salary between 70 k and 100k€/yrs depending on your experience

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