Our API to sponsor your users’ operations.

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Additionally, we developed some demos for you to showcase some of the features of the gas station:

- Our web demo application 👉 https://ghostnet.gas-station-nft-example.marigold.dev/
- Our Unity-based demo game 👉 https://gas-station-game.marigold.dev

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Public Betanet running.

Sidechain smart contracts:
- Bridge: KT1R3xuiZ8VnZcPgwCMZ25s8eBfCpDZCMcyx

TzPortal contract:

Deku Nodes:
- Node 0
- Node 1
- Node 2
- Node 3

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What is Gas Station?

Gas Station is an API which allows third-party to offer feeless transactions to their users.

How it works?

When a user posts a transaction, the Gas Station relays it and pays fees with tez deposit by third-party.

What does it offer?

An easy way to dramatically improve the UX of your dApps and easily onboard users.

What can you do with it?

With Gas Station, developers can set the contracts and entrypoints that they want to pay for. With this system, the dApp developer store tez (or any token supported by the station) to be used in paying for gas on behalf of the dApp users.
In a video game, they would typically allow a few entrypoints, such as minting an item as an NFT or allow to sell it on a marketplace. The user does not have to pay for operations such as minting or transferring the NFT.

Why choosing Gas Station?

It’s already in production (on ghostnet)! You can use your dApp to register contracts, which can relay transactions and deposit tez. And of course, your users can benefit from lower fees.

How to use Gas Station?

Follow this quick tutorial:
1. First, you need to connect your wallet and go to the Add contract page.
2. When adding a contract, choose the entrypoints which you want to subsidize.
3. Go to the My credits page and provide some credits to pay for your users transactions.
4. To relay transactions from your dApp to the Gas Station, you can use the /operation endpoint of the Gas Station API : https://ghostnet.gas-station-api.marigold.dev/operation.

Bonus: To make it easier to send operations to the Gas Station or use advanced patterns such as permits, Marigold maintains a small TypeScript library at this address: https://github.com/marigold-dev/gas-station-lib, with an example of dApp using the API.