Optimistic Rollups

Contributing to bringing to life a rollup processing transactions and starting the implementation/initial design of a rollup that run into a smart-contract, that will run smart-contracts and proving interactive rejection game.

Deku Sidechain

A sidechain is a secondary blockchain that is paired to a parent blockchain and is able to communicate with it. Here, at Marigold, we address this through Deku. Deku is both an implementation of this kind of Layer 2 and the team that works on it.

Protocol Improvements & Maintenance

Offering more flexibility for developers and make it easier to contribute to the protocol and to ensure its security.


TzStamp is a cryptographic timestamping service that uses the Tezos blockchain to prove a file existed at or before a particular time.

Software reliability with proofs

Easier-proofs is a tool that is written in OCaml. The purpose of this project is to generate proofs automatically, written in OCamlcur and rently using the Coq proof assistant for proving.


Tezos Voting Dapp proposing free to use voting templates, allowing voting session creation, voting and results vizualization.


Layer1/Layer2 transfer Dapp allowing to deposit and withdraw assets on Tezos


Prototyping what a 1.000.000 tps blockchain would look like.

LIGO (Language & Compilation)

LIGO is a programming language for writing Tezos smart contracts. LIGO currently offers four syntaxes (PascalLIGO, CameLIGO, ReasonLIGO and JsLIGO) to cater for different developers’ tastes.

LIGO Package Manager

Often times when working on a project there arises a need to use some common reusable piece of code, most of the time such functions are provided by the standard library thanks to the package manager!


LigoLib is the single point of knowledge of state of the art Smart Contracts designed with LIGO. It covers libraries based on TZIP implementation like NFT for instance.

Tezos Academy

Tezos Academy is a fun interactive tutorial on the LIGO language. Developers can learn step by step LIGO thanks to a progressive and gamified approach based and a reasonable learning curve!


A hybrid order book based DEX where swaps between pairs of currencies are executed in batches


An example to guide the integration of audit interactions with repositories in Ligo Registry

Deku - Cookie clicker

Bake cookies by clicking on a giant cookie button, then buy upgrades like Grandmas to help you to bake more cookies! The original game can be found on https://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/


In this game for 2 players, the smart contract implements a “commit & reveal” mechanism allowing players to keep choice secret until all players have played.
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