Tezos Core Development

We actively assists and contributes to the Protocol, aiming to improve its flexibility for developers and streamline the contribution process while prioritizing security. Furthermore, we engage in collaborative efforts with other teams to unlock the full potential of Layer 2 solutions. This involves implementing scalable data availability solutions and making significant contributions to the development of Smart Rollup technology.


Tzsafe is a multisig wallet aiming at providing better assurance of security and management of ownership than a traditional single-signed wallet.

Gas Station

The Gas Station is a tool for developers who want to offer feeless transactions to their users.


Marigold maintains its own version of Checker in the Ligo language. Checker is a system allowing to deploy and stabilize the value of a token on Tezos in an algorithmic and decentralized way. Using the Checker library, it is for example possible to create and manage the collateral of a stable coin or a lending system.


A hybrid order book based DEX where swaps between pairs of currencies are executed in batches


TzStamp is a cryptographic timestamping service that uses the Tezos blockchain to prove a file existed at or before a particular time.


Tezos Voting Dapp proposing free to use voting templates, allowing voting session creation, voting and results vizualization.

LIGO (Language & Compilation)

LIGO is a programming language for writing Tezos smart contracts. LIGO currently offers four syntaxes (PascalLIGO, CameLIGO, ReasonLIGO and JsLIGO) to cater for different developers’ tastes.

LIGO Package Manager

Often times when working on a project there arises a need to use some common reusable piece of code, most of the time such functions are provided by the standard library thanks to the package manager!


LigoLib is the single point of knowledge of state of the art Smart Contracts designed with LIGO. It covers libraries based on TZIP implementation like NFT for instance.

Tezos Academy

Tezos Academy is a fun interactive tutorial on the LIGO language. Developers can learn step by step LIGO thanks to a progressive and gamified approach based and a reasonable learning curve!


In this game for 2 players, the smart contract implements a “commit & reveal” mechanism allowing players to keep choice secret until all players have played.

Poke app trainings

A series of training to learn how to create a decentralized application (dApp): Training dApp JsLIGO 1-4


TzCommunity objective is a pseudonym social graph as a tool to remove community pain points. You can now build and manage your own community onchain. Connect your wallet or your Ledger in a few clicks!
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