TriliTech, Nomadic Labs, and Marigold proudly present the Kernel Gallery, an extensive resource for creating DApps using Smart Rollups – Tezos’ modular scalability solution from the Mumbai upgrade.

The Kernel Gallery offers a progressive tutorial, from “hello world” to a demo-ready social media DApp, demonstrating the new programming model introduced in Smart Rollups. Each example is numbered for progression, with annotated Rust source code and CI testing for continuous relevance. Key topics covered include:

The standout feature of Smart Rollups is versatility. Smart Rollups ship fully decentralized out-of-the-box, while allowing DApp developers to make informed tradeoffs tailored to their use-case. The Kernel Gallery highlights this by building up to more complex scenarios one change at time, discussing the tradeoffs along the way.

Indeed, Smart Rollups revolutionize Tezos and blockchain development by delivering scalable, secure, and WebAssembly-powered solutions that pave the way for the next generation of Web3 user experiences. We are confident that the Kernel Gallery will inspire you to create exceptional applications for the Tezos ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more examples in the Gitlab repository and join the rollup conversation on Discord.

Happy kernel hacking!

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