By Ligo team

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of the Tezos Academy!
Head over to https://academy.ligolang.org/ and pick the language you wish to learn. This interactive coding game will walk you through the basic features of the LIGO dialect of your choice (JSLigo, PascaLIGO or CameLIGO) through the first twenty chapters, and will then challenge you with harder exercises.

Tezos Academy is an open-source course developed by Smart-chain. The latest release supports JSLigo (the language can be selected from the main page or via the menu on the left). Aside from a bit of cleanup, it also contains a few new chapters, including one on addresses and one on lazy interaction.

Throughout the game you can compare your answer to the example solution, and discover that way how to solve the various challenges. The adventure will make sure you are never lost, by sketching out the answer so that you can fill it in at your pace.

Interactive learning tools are an established teaching method, and have been used to teach programming skills in many different ways, ranging from competitive games where contestants try to minimize the size of their code to dynamic illustrations of sorting algorithms.

Tezos Academy is slicing up the process of learning smart contract development into byte-sized chunks to make it easy and accessible.

If you want to know more about LigoLANG, please visit our website ligolang.org and follow us on social media (Twitter, Linkedin)!

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