By Benjamin Fuentes

Tezos is a self-amending blockchain following the five stages

As Jakarta is coming, the process starts again


There are a lot of new ideas, RFC, TZIP proposals from the forum threads but we see a regular topic around “baker to delegator communication issue”

Let’s talk about this bi directional communication issue

  • bakers to delegators : Do not know what delegators want (it could be any topic)
  • delegators to baker : Cannot express their wishes and frustations
  • bakers to bakers : for any other topic than Tezos amendment, or doing a pre-round consultation

In this blog post, we will cover how bakers can do a poll with their delegators about their opinion on a Tezos amendment.

How can we solve it via TzVote ?

TzVote is a generic voting app based on Tezos.

TzVote webapp search page

Create a voting session (Bakers)

The application has a cool feature for bakers on for the "Permissioned" template that is adding all your delegators to the pool of registered electors (`Add all delegators` button)

TzVote webapp voting session creation page - top screen
TzVote webapp voting session creation page - bottom screen

Any of your delegator can now vote on your poll!

Time to vote (Delegators)

Your baker created a voting session, now you can participate to the vote:

  • Sign with your wallet to TzVote
  • Search for the voting session
  • Click the Vote button
  • Choose your answer
TzVote webapp voting options popup

The result pop up is displayed when you click on the `Status` button


To see the registred delegators, click on the blue list button

registered delegators popup


Eat your own food :meat_on_bone:

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