By Jason Ridgway-Taylor

Marigold is always seeking to contribute and improve the Tezos ecosystem, and, to that end, we are proud to announce the launch of Batcher, the batch clearing DEX, on Tezos mainnet.

Batcher is a new type of DEX that provides a dark pool-like trading environment without using liquidity pools or the issue of significant slippage. It has been designed to be composable with other high liquidity paths in the Tezos ecosystem, specifically the Sirius DEX; thus, the two launch pairs are tzBTC/USDT and tzBTC/EURL.


Batcher is officially available on mainnet from today.

Batcher UI (Mainnet)
Batcher Contract (Mainnet)


Batcher has been available on Ghostnet for sometime. If you want to test your trade out, tokens for use in trading can be sourced from Marigold’s faucet.

Batcher UI (Ghostnet)
Batcher Contract (Ghostnet)


The prices used in Batcher are provided by a forked version of Harbinger that is run and maintained by Marigold.dev. Whilst the on-chain contracts are unchanged, the signer and poster parts have been adapted to fit securely into the Marigold.dev infrastructure.

Contract Address Network
Oracle KT1L7oPnKkwaPwEKj5PH8xabVh1b1GbWGCXx Mainnet
Normalizer KT1EhS7KVk6cAaYjUpg4jM1VjPGLJTrT9vqG Mainnet
Oracle KT1FiQg8DMAMpgHrSV9o7bARTMmdHZyq9McQ Ghostnet
Normalizer KT1DG2g5DPYWqyHKGpRL579YkYZwJxibwaAZ Ghostnet


The Batcher on-chain contract has been audited by ‘Inference AG’. The audit found no major issues, and the publication of the full report is imminent. We will add an addendum to this blog post with the link to the report as soon as it becomes available.

Blog Posts

In the development roadmap for Batcher, Marigold.dev has published a number of blog posts detailing how Batcher works and changes made on the path to mainnet. These blog posts are one of the best resources for learning about Batcher.

FAQs and Videos

In addition to the blog posts, a number of FAQs and videos showing the operation of Batcher are available on the Marigold.dev project page.

*Disclaimer:* All investing comes with risk and DeFi is no exception. The following content contains no financial advice. Please do your own thorough research and note that all users funds are traded at their own risk (No reimbursement will be made and Marigold will not assume responsibility for any losses).

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