In June 2023, l’Institut Français d’Algérie, IncubMe, Creative Valley and the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères Français jointly launched the MawaHub, a French-Algerian initiative and an accelerator program towards Web3, creativity and artists. As a partner, Marigold offers high-level mentoring, strategical consulting, and Web 3 architecture & training expertise to the participating teams.

The first Mawahub cohort brings together 50 candidates with Art & Culture or Digital technologies backgrounds to nurture their projects. The program started in April with a call to participation, followed by the program launch in Alger in May. Currently, the teams are working from Paris during an immersion/incubation phase of 6 weeks before going back to Alger for a 9-week accelerator phase. They will benefit from 400+ hours of mentoring by 20+ experts.

MawaHub teams

By joining this initiative, Marigold aims to help raise blockchain technology in the Mediterranean region through 70 hours of support to eight different teams. Marigold mentors guide them with blockchain strategic consulting: project management, strategy management, budget assessment, architecture implementation, etc.

As a first step, Benjamin Fuentes (Tech lead and Tezos Adoption advocate at Marigold) provided introductory talks about Web3, Tezos and LigoLANG smart contract language.
In the past weeks, our team of mentors have met with the projects’s leaders to assess their needs in terms of blockchain setup and proposed solutions to design the product. The covered topics range from tokenomics, to Web2 UI, to blockchain specs, and Tezos killer features.
Marigold will also host technical workshops and discussions throughout the program to evaluate the understanding of the Web3 strategy in each project, target the relevant technical resources, and elaborate the corresponding roadmap to make it successful.

Meet the eight teams that Marigold mentors in a fruitful collaboration:

  • NebulArt – Revenue generation for cartoon artists by bringing readers and cartoonists to the same platform
  • TajroubART – Preservation of African art via an immersive experience
  • El goual – Learning tool by mixing art and language learning platform
  • TRAW – A collective piece of art to create a common map of user travels
  • PRISMA – Promotion of alternative fashion clothing
  • Obscure NFT – NFT collection and art community
  • InKomm – Creation of a marketplace for document review by AI or by people from social inclusion
  • Zolizola – Educative tool to make learning lessons more enjoyable for kids

Marigold is committed to growing the Tezos Ecosystem, to implementing blockchain technology, and contributing to its adoption at large. With this in mind, Marigold’s support team gladly accompany the MawaHub program in its mission to make blockchain technologies emerge in Algeria.

About Mawahub
MawaHub’s objective is to launch artistic projects that want to build in the Web3 ecosystem and gather Art and Tech talents to help them invent tomorrow’s culture.
In this cohort, MawaHub can count on Institut français d’Algérie (IFA) support, the main dialogue platform between France and Algeria in the Culture and Knowledge fields.
IncubMe, a Pan-African incubator launched by Algerian entrepreneurs in 2018, and Creative Valley, an innovative and high-tech accelerator for local businesses, bring their expertise and dedication to this initiative.

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