We are delighted to introduce our bi-weekly chronicle, a meeting point with our team, our activity, and our projects.

Bi-weekly updates and articles

From now on, we will publish posts about our activity, our main topic of the week or about a specific project that Marigold team is working on. Our ambition is to build a greater bond with the Tezos community.We want to explain what we are working on and how we contribute to upgrades to Tezos Protocol. This process includes presenting tools and features that we are developing, and opportunities and obstacles that come out of it.


As detailed here, we are currently focusing on three main categories of projects: Protocol Improvements, Layer 2s and Protocol Maintenance.

Protocol Improvements aim to improve flexibility of contract design, to make the protocol faster and to reinforce global safety. To do so, Marigold team has developed the following tools:

  • Views increase the flexibility of contract design
  • Cache increases the overall throughput of Tezos
  • Baking accounts improve the security of Tezos accounts
  • The Global Table of Constants enables developers to register Michelson expressions as “constants”, and thus to create larger and more complex contracts

Layer 2 scaling solutions are of two types and improve both scalability and interoperability with other blockchains:

  • Sidechain is a “child chain” that helps to increase the throughput of the main/parent chain by offloading some of its computations and state.
  • Optimistic roll-ups (ORU) run on top of Tezos’ base layer, enabling to run smart contracts at scale while still being secured by the blockchain.

In terms of protocol maintenance, Marigold aims to make it easier to contribute to the protocol and ensure its security. We are working on two features toward this goal:

  • New benchmarks for the Michelson interpreter to guide development and prevent performance regressions.
  • A unit testing framework enabling the protocol code to be tested rapidly and thoroughly.


These features are Marigold’s core focus, and will be our main projects for the coming months. To increase dialogue with Tezos community and beyond, we will post news about these projects on our social media accounts. Please, feel free to comment and reach out to us about any topic.

We especially welcome feedback from bakers, tool makers, and smart contract developers on how we can improve the Tezos Protocol.

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