What is TzStamp

TzStamp is a cryptographic timestamping service that uses the Tezos blockchain to prove a file existed at or before a particular time. TzStamp aggregates the user-submitted hashes in a Merkle Tree structure. The tree root is published to a smart contract on the Tezos blockchain, allowing many hashes to be shown to have existed at a certain time on-chain for the cost of one.

Marigold action

We from Marigold fixed the build of the block hash of the proof to support the new field “liquidity_baking_escape_vote” added in the update to Granada protocol. Without using all the fields from the block, a wrong URL link will be generated to the block inside the proof. The URL link to the right block is needed at the moment of validating the proof. Therefore, it is now possible deriving to the correct block hash at the moment of the proof verification.

In addition, we’ve moved the project to a monorepo on GitHub to engage more with the community.

Next goals

Expectations of improvements for the future of TzStamp are:

  • Use of CI/CD
  • Make better documentations
  • Increase the codebase maintainability
  • Upgrade the static website to a single page application
  • Turn the new GitHub repository into an excellent place to contribute.
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